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International Well Control Forum (IWCF) has recently introduced Modern Standard Arabic and Brazilian Portuguese translations for their Level 1 Well Control Awareness Course. Offering this course in multiple languages allows more users the opportunity to take an IWCF course in their native language, aligning with their mission to improve competency globally.

Level 1 is the first free, online course of its kind in the industry, designed to increase understanding of how well control incidents can occur, their consequences, and prevention methods. This course is a valuable resource for anyone new or experienced in the industry, including students and graduates, personnel involved in well control, and those with a general interest in the topic.

The addition of Modern Standard Arabic and Brazilian Portuguese marks a significant achievement for IWCF in its commitment to serving its diverse global membership.

These new languages align with IWCF’s mission to define, deliver and maintain the highest possible standards in well control training, accreditation and certification and provide competency assurance and continuous development globally.

Introducing the new languages means that users can now engage with the course content in their preferred language, facilitating a more immersive and effective learning experience. With multiple language options, IWCF ensures that learners can easily navigate through the course, creating a user-friendly and inclusive learning environment.

To access the Level 1 programme in various languages, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account, and you will be taken to the Employee Dashboard.
  • Navigate to the ‘eLearning’ section on the Employee Dashboard.
  • Click on the ‘Start’ button corresponding to the language you want to take the course in.

If you want more information about a particular module, you can:

  • Click on ‘More info.’
  • This will provide details about the module, including what it covers and an estimated completion time.

Both of the new language options officially launched on 8 May 2024. Interested users can find comprehensive details about how to register for the Level 1 course, including the new language functionalities, on IWCF’s official website.

For more information and updates, follow IWCF’s social media platforms. This ensures you are updated on the latest developments, news, and updates related to the Level 1 Well Control Awareness Course and its new language offering.

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Mark your calendars! The International Well Control Forum (IWCF) has set the dates for its highly anticipated 2024 Well Control Workshop and Annual General Meeting, following the success of last year’s event in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Scheduled for 19 – 20 November 2024, at Hilton The Hague, Netherlands, this event promises to be another invaluable opportunity for industry professionals to connect, learn, and network.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to engage with experts and participate in interactive workshop sessions. Save the date and stay tuned for further updates as IWCF continues to provide information about the event.

IWCF encourages those interested to register to stay updated with timely information on what promises to be another incredible gathering of industry experts, interactive workshop sessions, and networking opportunities.

Your continued support and participation are essential to IWCF’s mission, and they look forward to welcoming you all later in the year.

Register your interest here!

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International Well Control Forum (IWCF) Introduces Azerbaijani Language Option for Drilling Well Control Assessments

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International Well Control Forum (IWCF) recently launched a new Azerbaijani language option for the assessments in the Drilling Well Control Programme, Levels 2, 3, and 4.  

The addition of Azerbaijani translations marks a significant milestone for IWCF as it becomes the 18th language offered by IWCF for its Drilling Well Control programme. By offering assessments in multiple languages, IWCF aim to make training and assessments accessible to as many candidates as possible. As an organisation focused on oil and gas well control training, accreditation and certification, the inclusion of the new Azerbaijani translations aligns with IWCF’s mission to improve competency globally. 

The new Azerbaijani language launched on 1 August 2023 and candidates can visit IWCF’s website to find more information about the Drilling Well Control Programme. 

For more information and updates, follow IWCF’s social media platforms. 

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Well Control in Design and Lifecycle Management Programme Updates

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IWCF‘s Well Control in Design and Lifecycle Management programme is designed for engineers, supervisors and managers in key roles related to well construction, well interventions and well integrity. This programme aims to ensure that these personnel are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent well control incidents and manage wells effectively throughout the well lifecycle. 

While levels 1-4 of well control training do not focus on the crucial well design, planning and maintenance phases,  IWCF‘s Well Control in Design and Lifecycle Management programme offers an aspirational certification for these key roles.  

Aligned with our overarching goal to ensure no risk to life, assets or the natural environment, this innovative programme aims to enhance safety and reduce the number of well control incidents. 


What are the objectives of the programme? 

The programme aims to: 

  • Recognise the impact that design, planning and programming can have on the construction phase and on well integrity assurance throughout the lifecycle of the well.   
  • Identify and specify well control actions that can be taken when working outside of the normal operating envelope.  
  • Ensure that engineers in office-based functions have well control competence in support of rig/wellsite operations.  


What topics does it cover? 

The latest revision of IOGP report 476 included an update on topics that should be included in the programme. For a better overall learning experience, IWCF have separated those into compulsory and optional topics. Programme applicants can also choose from the list of optional topics and can propose alternative topics for consideration.  

Compulsory topics include: 

  • Subsurface impact 
  • Holistic design 
  • Design uncertainties  
  • Barrier management 
  • Cement integrity  
  • Verification methods 
  • Dealing with pressure influx 
  • Lifecycle well integrity 
  • Risk management 

Optional topics include: 

  • Human and organizational performance 
  • Corrosion design and material selection 
  • Well maintenance 
  • Well integrity assurance 
  • Shallow gas 
  • Abandonment 
  • Tertiary well control 
  • Other lifecycle considerations 
  • Well planning considerations 
  • Barrier integrity assurance 
  • Regulatory requirements.  


How can I attend this training? 

Accredited training providers can be found on our website map. Simply search for ‘Well Control in Design and Lifecycle’ in the programme filter.’ Please contact your chosen training centre for upcoming course schedules and costs.  


How can my training provider become accredited to offer this programme? 

IWCF have recently published a guidance document for the Well Control in Design and Lifecycle Management programme. This provides a comprehensive overview of the programme, including: 

  • Course structure 
  • Candidate requirements 
  • Instructor requirements 
  • Accreditation applications 
  • Case study project 
  • Assessment information. 

The Well Control in Design and Lifecycle Management programme guidance can be downloaded here 

Please contact if you have any questions.  

International Well Control Forum (IWCF) IWCF Invites Members to Register for their Annual General Meeting and Workshop

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International Well Control Forum (IWCF) recently announced that its Annual General Meeting and Workshop will take place on November 22–23 2023 at the Fairmont Baku, Flame Towers in the vibrant city of Baku, Azerbaijan.  

The event will include a series of interactive panel sessions and presentations where global experts will share their knowledge and experience. 

Registration for the IWCF Annual General Meeting and Workshop is now open exclusively for IWCF members. If you would like to attend but aren’t currently an IWCF member, please contact for more details. 


Attendees are also invited to join IWCF for an exclusive visit to the prestigious Nobel Museum on the afternoon of day one. 

With a guided walking tour, captivating presentation and refreshments, this event offers a perfect blend of knowledge, inspiration, and networking. Secure your spot now by responding to the “add-ons” section when registering to the Annual General Meeting and Workshop. 

Stay tuned to IWCF’s social media channels for more updates on this exciting event, and contact if you have any questions. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect and learn with like-minded industry professionals. 


International Well Control Forum (IWCF) Staff Take on Four Kiltwalk Events Across Scotland for Charity

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The International Well Control Forum (IWCF) is on a mission to raise money for their chosen charity by participating in all four Kiltwalk events happening across Scotland this year. The team has already completed the Glasgow and Aberdeen Kiltwalk and is now preparing for the remaining events in Dundee and Edinburgh, which together total to an impressive 73 miles. 

The IWCF team is proud of their staff’s dedication and commitment towards the cause. They wish them the best of luck in their fundraising efforts and the physical challenge ahead. 

Last year, the team participated in the Dundee Kiltwalk. This inspired them to take on the challenge of completing all four events this year to raise money for their chosen charities. The Kiltwalk is a popular Scottish charity event that sees participants don traditional Scottish kilts and walk for various causes. It creates awareness about different social issues while raising funds for deserving causes. 

The IWCF team is looking forward to participating in the upcoming Kiltwalk events. They are confident that they will make a significant contribution to their chosen charities. The IWCF team’s dedication to this cause is inspiring, and they hope to inspire others to participate in the remaining Kiltwalk events. 

Read what Jenny, one of the IWCF Kiltwalkers who has been training hard, had to say about the events.  

“Having been a part of the Kiltwalk team last year, I can definitely say that it was an amazing experience! It was a lot of fun, a great team building exercise, and most importantly, it allowed us to contribute in a meaningful way. 

I have been a proud member of the IWCF team for over 13 years, and participating in the Kiltwalk is one of the highlights of my time here. I am even more excited for this year’s Kiltwalk because not only will I be participating with my colleagues again, but my daughter will also be joining us! Several other team members are also bringing their daughters, and I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to show the next generation the importance of giving back to our chosen charities. 

So come join us and let’s make this year’s Kiltwalk even better!” 

IWCF applauds their efforts as the team continues their journey. IWCF hope that their story will inspire more people to come forward and support charities close to their hearts. 

It’s easy to stay updated on the IWCF team’s Kiltwalk journey and help support their cause. You can follow their progress on the IWCF social media platforms and the walker’s personal fundraising links. 

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IWCF Attends the 9th Annual Offshore Network Well Intervention Exhibition and Conference in Aberdeen

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The 9th Annual Offshore Network Well Intervention Exhibition and Conference was held in Aberdeen, Scotland on the 25-26 April 2023. It was a great success for the International Well Control Forum (IWCF), a key sponsor of the event. The two-day conference brought together a diverse group of professionals from the offshore industry to showcase the latest technology and advancements in well intervention.

One of the organisation’s Technical Consultants, George Galloway, delivered a presentation discussing IWCF’s latest Well Intervention Pressure Control (WIPC) programme updates. This provided valuable insights and data analysis highlighting the importance of industry collaboration to attendees. IWCF showcased their membership offerings and discussed WIPC programme enhancements with attendees.

“We are very pleased to have participated in the 9th Offshore Network Annual Offshore Well Intervention Exhibition and Conference,” said IWCF CEO, Zdenek Sehnal. “The event was an excellent opportunity for us to engage with key stakeholders and showcase our WIPC enhancements, as well as our membership offerings. We were delighted with the insightful discussions and positive feedback from visitors to our stand.”

The IWCF stand attracted a lot of interest throughout the two-day event. With attendees showing keen interest in the organisation’s programmes, free courses and resources.

“We want to thank everyone who visited our stand and shared their enthusiasm with us,” said Zdenek. “It was a fantastic experience, and we look forward to attending more events this year!”

IWCF is also a key sponsor of the Offshore Network: Offshore Well Intervention Latin America on the 26-27 September 2023 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This will be the first time IWCF will be sponsoring and attending an event in Brazil.  It presents another exciting opportunity for the organisation to engage with new key stakeholders, showcasing it’s WIPC expertise.

IWCF is committed to developing and administering well control training, assessment and certification programmes for the exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry. Their participation in these Offshore Network events underscores their commitment to this mission.

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IOGP Release Revision 4 of Report 476: Recommendations for enhancements to well control training, examination and certification

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The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) has released the fourth edition of their report 476: Recommendations for enhancements to well control training, examination and certification.

The updated report focuses on:

  • Addressing key issues
  • Updated course titles
  • Introducing a WIPC practical assessment.


Addressing key issues

The latest edition has a particular emphasis on addressing the topics detailed below.

  • Key input parameters to well design (pore pressure and fracture gradients)
  • Well design
  • Design of activities on wells
  • Well construction (drilling and completion)
  • Well intervention, wellhead maintenance or workover
  • Plugging, suspending, and abandoning wells.


Updated course titles

The report and accompanying levels guidance chart details updates to course level names. This ensures better descriptions of each level of training.

The organisation renamed the previous ‘Engineer and Approving Authority’ (also previously known as Level 5) training course to ‘Well Control in Design and Life Cycle Management’. This accurately defines the programme and allows more options for course delivery methods.

International Well Control Forum (IWCF) will provide further information on the Well Control in Design and Life Cycle Management course shortly.


Practical Assessment

IOGP Report 476 is making its first-ever recommendation to include a practical assessment for completion and intervention personnel at Level 3 and 4. More information on content and implementation will be available in due course. IWCF will provide further guidance to our global network of training centres once this is available.

Following the Macondo tragedy in 2010, IWCF adopted the recommendations from IOGP’s Report 476. This has strengthened IWCF’s mission ever since: to define, deliver and maintain the highest possible standards in well control training, accreditation and certification.

The updated report and levels guidance chart can be downloaded from the IOGP website here.


International Well Control Forum (IWCF) Announces New Train the Trainer Date

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Due to popular demand, International Well Control Forum (IWCF) have added more dates for the Train the Trainer course.  

The Train the Trainer course is a highly interactive four-day course accredited by IWCF, which is now being delivered virtually. The course will enable instructors to teach effectively and confidently in the classroom, helping them to develop effective training materials and techniques that meet the course objectives and needs of learners. 

By the end of the Train the Trainer course you will be able to: 

  • Develop well-structured training programmes 
  • Deliver well-structured training sessions 
  • Use training approaches suitable for adult learning behaviours 
  • Use effective presentation techniques to fully engage your students 
  • Develop communicative activities to encourage interaction, motivate your students and ease learning 
  • Use a range of evaluation techniques to ensure your training progresses. 

Suitable for both new and experienced instructors, the Train the Trainer program helps instructors develop their teaching skills in both face-to-face and online environments. 

Upcoming course dates with spaces available are: 

Course leader Tracey Jayne Little explains how Train the Trainer helps to develop teaching skills in both face-to-face and online environments.   

“ECTP Train the Trainer gives experienced trainers the opportunity for self-reflection…. an opportunity to take time out from day-to-day teaching and focus on developing their own teaching competency. It allows time for upskilling, updating teaching methods/techniques for both face-to-face and online environments, receiving feedback on teaching performance and reflecting on performance. This enables continued professional development – the very aim of such programmes. 

For new trainers, the programme provides a stepping stone from working in industry to knowing how to adapt that experience to create a conducive classroom learning environment. It sets new trainers up for success as this course covers the three fundamentals of excellence in modern day training – organisation, interaction and communication skills. By covering these in “bite size chunks” and with skill practice and feedback every step of the way, the confidence and teaching competency of new trainers grows each and every day.” 

One of the latest virtual Train the Trainer course was held in February, and a group photo was shared by IWCF to showcase the participants. 

To develop or adapt your training skills and confidence in the classroom, book your place or to be added to a waiting list for future course dates, please contact 



SAVE THE DATE- Annual General Meeting & Well Control Workshop

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Mark your calendars!  

The International Well Control Forum (IWCF) Annual General Meeting and Workshop is coming to Baku, Azerbaijan on 22 – 23 November 2023!  

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to connect and learn with industry professionals. 

Save the date and stay tuned for further updates. 

Have questions? Contact us at and keep an eye out through our social media for more updates.