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June 2023

International Well Control Forum (IWCF) Staff Take on Four Kiltwalk Events Across Scotland for Charity

By News

The International Well Control Forum (IWCF) is on a mission to raise money for their chosen charity by participating in all four Kiltwalk events happening across Scotland this year. The team has already completed the Glasgow and Aberdeen Kiltwalk and is now preparing for the remaining events in Dundee and Edinburgh, which together total to an impressive 73 miles. 

The IWCF team is proud of their staff’s dedication and commitment towards the cause. They wish them the best of luck in their fundraising efforts and the physical challenge ahead. 

Last year, the team participated in the Dundee Kiltwalk. This inspired them to take on the challenge of completing all four events this year to raise money for their chosen charities. The Kiltwalk is a popular Scottish charity event that sees participants don traditional Scottish kilts and walk for various causes. It creates awareness about different social issues while raising funds for deserving causes. 

The IWCF team is looking forward to participating in the upcoming Kiltwalk events. They are confident that they will make a significant contribution to their chosen charities. The IWCF team’s dedication to this cause is inspiring, and they hope to inspire others to participate in the remaining Kiltwalk events. 

Read what Jenny, one of the IWCF Kiltwalkers who has been training hard, had to say about the events.  

“Having been a part of the Kiltwalk team last year, I can definitely say that it was an amazing experience! It was a lot of fun, a great team building exercise, and most importantly, it allowed us to contribute in a meaningful way. 

I have been a proud member of the IWCF team for over 13 years, and participating in the Kiltwalk is one of the highlights of my time here. I am even more excited for this year’s Kiltwalk because not only will I be participating with my colleagues again, but my daughter will also be joining us! Several other team members are also bringing their daughters, and I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to show the next generation the importance of giving back to our chosen charities. 

So come join us and let’s make this year’s Kiltwalk even better!” 

IWCF applauds their efforts as the team continues their journey. IWCF hope that their story will inspire more people to come forward and support charities close to their hearts. 

It’s easy to stay updated on the IWCF team’s Kiltwalk journey and help support their cause. You can follow their progress on the IWCF social media platforms and the walker’s personal fundraising links. 

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