IWCFs Enhanced training standard for experienced drilling personnel aims to elevate the competency of rig crews and create a safer environment for those involved in well operations.

The content is primarily based on real industry well control incidents. Scenario based simulated exercises and teamworking are essential elements of this training. It focuses on enhancing technical knowledge using case studies in a team based environment.

The courses incorporate the key principles of Well Operations Crew Resource Management (WOCRM), covering teamwork, leadership, situational awareness, performance factors and decision making.  Experienced candidates can incorporate their standard level 3 or 4 drilling well control certificate renewal and will also be assessed on enhanced content.

Courses cover a range of topics, including:

  1. Highly Deviated / Horizontal Well Control
  2. Volumetric Method + Simulation
  3. Stripping into Wellbore + Simulation
  4. Lubricate & Bleed Method + Simulation
  5. Bullheading Method + Simulation
  6. Well Control Case Study (minimum 1x) + Simulation
  7. Wellbore Fingerprinting (Breathing vs Ballooning) + Simulation
  8. Reverse Circulation + Simulation
  9. Unusual Well Control Scenario (e.g. shut-in with pumps running, non-shearables across BOP, etc)
  10. Advanced Well Control Equipment
  11. Plug & Abandonment + either a table top exercise or simulation exercise

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