IWCF eCerts


All training centres and candidates transitioned to using IWCF eCerts in 2018.

eCerts are integrated within FORUM and award a digital badge to successful candidates, replacing the previous paper IWCF certificate. Successful candidates will receive an email with their eCert within 90 days of completing a course. The eCert will be sent to the email address the candidate used to register in FORUM.

Using the Open Badges framework which has been developed by Mozilla, every eCert holds meta-data that allows each badge to be traced back to its origin quickly and easily.

Each eCert features a unique code and this can be used to trace the authenticity of the badge using the verification tool within FORUM. The verification page can be used by accredited centres, potential employers, organisations and individuals to confirm that the badges are valid and have been issued by IWCF.

Candidates can also give consent in the employer section of their FORUM account for a copy of their eCert to be automatically sent directly to their employers email address.

Please contact if you have any questions about eCerts.


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IWCF eCerts offer several benefits including:

  • No printing or shipping costs, reducing the carbon footprint
  • Improved quality and delivery of certificates
  • No requirement for replacement certificates
  • Provides an extra level of security with a unique code held in the eCert
  • Increases the awareness of qualification validation for the industry
  • Instant award of eCerts and printable wallet cards
  • Share instantly with your employee by giving consent in your FORUM account
  • Sharing of your eCert across the web including social media channels

Grading Descriptors

A grading descriptor* has also been introduced for candidate eCerts. This will automatically be applied to each eCert and will reflect the result of the candidate’s assessment.

The grading descriptors are:

  • Pass (70% – 79%)
  • Pass with Merit (80% – 89%)
  • Pass with Distinction (90% – 100%

*The candidate’s employer can choose to opt out of the grading descriptor on request.

An accredited programme eCert will now be awarded to centres after the completion of a successful audit, replacing the current paper certificate.

Centres and candidates can also display and share their eCert on their website and social networking sites to display their recent certification awards.

If you have any questions about eCerts please contact