Accreditation FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

What has IWCF actioned in response to the COVID-19 situation?

A: To ensure our information is accessible to all, we have introduced a dedicated COVID-19 page.  All updates during this time will be posted here alongside our social media channels. This includes the latest updates on our business continuity plan and certificate expiration extension steps for candidates.

We would also encourage you to sign up to our newsletter list to have updates sent to your inbox too.

How do I apply to hold a virtual training course?

A: As a temporary measure, IWCF’s Board of Directors have approved the introduction of virtual classroom training. This solution allows us to accommodate the requirement for training during the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst maintaining our high standards and integrity. We are committed to collaborating with our accredited centres to ensure this can be delivered effectively to candidates globally.

Candidates must complete all assessments including practical assessments at an accredited centre once social distancing measures are lifted. There will be a maximum time of 90 days to complete assessments following training however this will be monitored in line with government advice regarding travel.

Accredited training centres can now apply to offer virtual classroom training to candidates. Accredited Centres can download the guidance and application information from our Members Login Area or can contact our accreditation team to request these documents.

As virtual training applications are approved, we will update our dedicated virtual training website page as well as our website locations map to show this as an additional delivery option. (On the map, you can search for them by using the the ‘Programmes’ filter and selecting ‘Virtual Training.’)

How do you become an IWCF accredited training centre?

A: The first step to becoming an accredited training centre is to become a member of IWCF.  You can find out more about IWCF Membership here.  

Once your membership has been approved you can download the accreditation application pack from the Members Login Area. The application will require supplementary evidence to be submitted for physical resources, management resources, staff resources and course materials.  

You can contact the Accreditation Team on to arrange a call to discuss your application further.  

Q: What is the difference between primary and associate centres?

A: The primary centre is the main centre for any organisation, usually but not necessarily the business address. This will be a permanent facility with secure storage for records. The instructors, assessors and course materials will be registered to the primary centre. 

The associate centre is a subsidiary of the primary centre. It should be a permanent facility and can use the instructors, assessors and course materials registered to the primary centre. Associate centres are subject to audit by IWCF. 

As the primary centre manages the associate centre, the primary centre accreditation may be at risk if the associate centre is non-compliant. 

Q: When will the primary centre be audited?

A: Primary centres are audited on the first course.  

Q: How do primary centres add associate centres?

A: The process for accrediting an associate centre is the same as for a primary centre. Assessor, instructors and course materials are inherited from the Primary Centre 

Q: Do primary and associate centres renew their accreditation?

A: From January 2019 all primary and associate centres renew their accreditation annually. A grace period has been applied to centres who have been accredited in the last 4 years. To confirm your first renewal date, please contact  

The centre accreditation renewal fees are as follows: 

  • Primary centre: £995/ €1,194/ $3,750 
  • Associate centre: £495/ €594/ $742.50 

Please note only one associate centre renewal fee will be charged regardless of the number of associate centres which are renewed. 

Q: What are the fees for centre accreditation?

A: The cost for primary centre accreditation is: £2,500 / €3,000 / $3,750.  Fifty percent of the primary centre accreditation fee is payable on application and is non-refundable. 

The cost for associate centre accreditation is:  £1,500 / €1,800 / $2,250 

These costs include all administration fees. 

The associate centre accreditation fee assumes that the associate centre has a management system in common with the primary centre and uses the same instructors, assessors and materials.  

The cost for adding additional associate centres from then on is £200 / €240 / $300 per associate centre.  This administration fee will be charged when a centre makes a change to their accreditation.  This will also include, but is not limited to, change of location and change of name.  

The cost of upgrading an associate centre to a primary centre is: £1,000 / €1,200 / $1,500. 

Audit fees can also apply as a centre must be audited before full accreditation can be applied. 

Please contact for more information or view our Schedule of Fees. 

Q: How long will it take to review an accreditation application?

A:  The accreditation team require 20 working days to review applications. Please note processing times may vary depending on the volume of applications submitted.  

Q: I'm interested in becoming an accredited Instructor or Assessor. What do I need to do?

A: Please visit our Instructor and Assessor pages for further information and course calendar dates. Alternatively, you can email for assistance.