Centre audits

Centre audits

IWCF Operations Limited (IWCF) is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of well control training through a global network of accredited centres that deliver well control training. To achieve and maintain accreditation centres, instructors and practical assessors must go through robust and well-defined accreditation and audit processes. The aim of the audit process is to determine a centre, instructor or practical assessor’s initial and then ongoing compliance with the terms and conditions of their accreditation and IWCF’s expectations of the standard of delivery of well control training and practical assessments.

As part of the accreditation process, all new training centres are required to undergo an audit to gain full accreditation approval. Centres are required to participate in surveillance audits throughout their period of accreditation to monitor their conformance with the IWCF Accreditation Agreement and IWCF Operations’ Policies and Procedures. The frequency for surveillance audits at a primary or associate centre is once every two years although IWCF reserve the right to conduct audits more frequently if we determine an increased risk of non-compliance.

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If you have any questions about centre audits, please contact the audits mailbox audits@iwcf.org

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