Digital Assessment Solution

Digital Assessments

Digital assessments are now available for Drilling Well Control and Well Intervention Pressure Control programmes at our global network of accredited centres.

The digital assessments are linked with FORUM and offer enhanced security features to candidates, as well as the centres providing them.

Accredited centres who run digital assessments will:

  • Experience increased flexibility
  • Save money as digital assessments will involve no courier costs
  • Be more environmentally friendly, with less paper used and a reduced carbon footprint
  • Offer instant monitoring of IWCF data and provide detailed real time reports.

Candidates will see a range of benefits when sitting digital assessments including:

  • Instant results at the end of the assessment
  • Instant resits for eligible candidates
  • No waiting time for invigilator marking or check marking at IWCF.

Mock assessment

There is a mock assessment available for candidates within their FORUM accounts, which can also be accessed using the IWCF mobile app. The mock assessment allows candidates to test using the digital assessment interface, open and zoom on images and learn how the kill sheet section will work during their digital assessment. A small sample of data will be given to allow candidates to complete the following calculations:

  • Formation strength calculations
  • Drill string volume calculations
  • Kill calculations (not the step-down schedule of graph).

We would encourage all candidates to complete the mock assessment to understand how the assessment will run on the day.

Candidates can access this under the ‘Mock Assessment’ section in FORUM. If you have any questions about the mock assessment, please contact us.

For more information on our digital assessment options and benefits, watch our digital assessment video below: