Level 1 and WOCRM FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is my username?

A: All usernames to login to the course are now your email address.

For example, if your username was ‘johnsmith’ and your email address is johnsmith@email.com, your username to login will now be johnsmith@email.com.

If you are having difficulty remembering your username, please contact us for assistance.

Q: I am an existing user, how do I login?

A: Step 1) Click the link on the homepage that says “Returning user? Click here to reset your password.”

Step 2) Enter your email address and the code in the box to pass the security checks. A link will then be sent to the email address associated with your account

Step 3) Use the link sent to your email to set a new password. This will allow you to return to the Level 1 homepage and enter your new details to login.

Q: I am a new user, how do I login?

A: Step 1) Click the ‘Register!’  link on the homepage and fill out the form with your details. 

Step 2) Once you have registered you will be sent an email to confirm your account. Follow these steps and then return to the homepage and fill out your username and password and click ‘Login’.

Q: How do I start my course?

A: If you are new to Level 1 and WOCRM, once you are logged in the programmes should appear automatically on your dashboard after a few moments.

If you are an existing user and were in the middle of the courses then your next available module will appear in the homepage.

To start or continue the course, click on the ‘START’ or ‘CONTINUE’ button.

Q: How do I get my certificate?


Candidates will be sent an email with their certificate attached on completion of the course. The Level 1 certificate will be issued once you have completed ALL 7 modules and the knowledge check. The WOCRM certificate will be issued once you have completed ALL 6 modules.

Certificates can also be downloaded at any time from a candidate account following the below steps.

Step 1) Once you are logged into your account you will see the below widget on your dashboard.

If you have completed all courses that you are enrolled in, this will appear green.

Step 2) Once you click the homepage widget the below screen will appear. Paperclip icons will sit beside the courses that you have valid certificates for.

Step 3) Click the paperclip icon for your certificate to automatically download.