Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a ‘grace period’ for IWCF eCerts?

A: There is no grace period for IWCF eCerts.

Q: I would like to attend an IWCF course. What is the procedure?

A:To book on to an IWCF course please contact an IWCF accredited training centre. To find a centre in your area which offers your preferred course, please visit our locations map.

Your chosen accredited centre will be able to confirm the next available course dates and the fees involved.

All candidates also have to complete a candidate registration before being able to attend an IWCF training course. This can be done by following this link: https://www.iwcf.org/candidates/candidate-registration/. This will then give you a Candidate Registration (CR) number which you can give to your chosen training centre to book onto a course. You only have to register as a candidate once therefore the same CR number can also be used for all future course bookings.

Q: What is anniversary dating?

A: If a candidate has a certificate which is currently valid and wishes to renew their qualification, they can visit an accredited training centre during the 90-day period before their current certificate expires. If the candidate is successful in their re-qualification programme, the issue date on their new certificate will be the date following the expiry of their current certificate. This is providing that the re-qualification is in the same programme and at the same level as the current certificate.

Q: When will candidates receive their full eCert after examinations?

A: Candidates who pass their assessment are granted a temporary eCert which lasts for 90 days. Full eCerts will then be issued during the 90 day period and will be available to view in the candidates FORUM account.

Q: What do candidates do if their temporary eCert expires and they haven’t received their permanent eCert?

A: Please contact certification@iwcf.org and a member of the certification team will be able to assist you.

Q: What should candidates do if there is a mistake on their temporary eCert?

A: Please contact certification@iwcf.org and a member of the certification team will be able to assist you.

Accreditation - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you accredit your training facility?

A: The first step to becoming an accredited training centre is to become a member of IWCF. Once your membership has been approved you can complete the accreditation application pack which can be found in the Members Login Area. The application will require supplementary evidence to be submitted for physical resources, management resources, staff resources and course materials.

Q: What is the difference between primary and associate centres?

A: The primary centre is the main centre for any organisation, usually but not necessarily the business address. This will be a permanent facility with secure storage for records. The instructors, assessors and simulators will be registered to the primary centre. The first course at a primary centre will be audited by IWCF.

The associate centre is a subsidiary of the primary centre. It should be a permanent facility and can use the instructors, assessors and simulators registered to the primary centre. Associate centres will be audited by IWCF.

As the primary centre is in control of the associate centre, the primary centre accreditation may be at risk if the associate centre is non-compliant.

Q: How do Primary centres add associate centres?

A: The process for accrediting an associate centre is the same as for a primary centre.

If any areas of the application are the same for both the primary and associate centre for example course materials, instructors or assessors, this does not need to be submitted again in the application for associate accreditation.

Q: Do primary and associate centres renew their accreditation?

A: From January 2020 all primary and associate centres will renew their accreditation annually. The centre accreditation renewal fees are as follows:

  • Primary centre: £995
  • Associate centre: £495

Only one associate renewal fee will be charged regardless of the number of associate centres linked to a primary. The date this renewal will take place will be based on when the most recent associate centre was accredited.

Q: What are the fees for centre accreditation?

A: The initial costs for primary centre accreditation are: £2,500 / €3,000 / $3,750. This price includes all administration costs.

The initial costs for associate centre accreditation are:  £1,500 / €1,800 / $2,250. This price includes all administration costs. This fee assumes that the associate centre has a management system in common with the primary centre and uses the same instructors/assessors and materials.

The cost of adding additional associate centres from then on is £200 / €240 / $300 per associate centre.

The cost of upgrading an associate centre to a primary centre are: £1,000 / €1,200 / $1,500.

Other fees may apply. Please contact accreditation@iwcf.org for more information or view our 2019 Schedule of Fees.

Q: How long will it take to review an accreditation application?

A: The accreditation team will require at least 20 working days to review applications. Please note processing times may vary depending on the volume of applications submitted.

Q: I’m interested in becoming an accredited Instructor or Assessor. What do I need to do?

A: Please visit our Instructor and Assessor pages for further information and course calendar dates. Alternatively, you can email accreditation@iwcf.org for assistance.

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