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December 2021

Well Control And Pressure Control Calculations

By News

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new Well Control and Pressure Control Calculations eLearning resource which is available for free on the IWCF website here.

Previously the website hosted three downloadable PDF documents related to drilling calculations. These PDFs consisted of more than 500 pages.

We worked to adapt this content into an online platform, making the content much more interactive and accessible for candidates.

The platform offers basic, awareness-level modules on the following topics.

  • Module 1 – Introduction to calculations
  • Module 2 – Volumes, capacities and displacements
  • Module 3 – Tripping and wellbore geometry
  • Module 4 – Gas and gas laws
  • Module 5 – The circulating system.

The structure allows for targeted study, so that candidates can leave and return to the modules in their own time.

Although the platform aims to help candidates understand basic oilfield calculations, it is not a substitute for instructor-led training. It can be used as a useful resource to help candidates before they attend well control training.

We would like to thank IWCF’s UK Branch who funded this new resource. Clive Battisby, UK Branch Chairperson commented on the introduction of the new initiative.

“The UK branch are delighted to be able to fund and support this exciting new initiative that is available for free on the IWCF website. Well control calculations are a vital part of candidates’ learning and these modules will offer great benefits to not only users, but employers and the industry.

The modules can be accessed at any time to refresh knowledge, so can be incorporated easily into users on-going learning throughout their certification cycles.

I would encourage candidates to access the modules to see the variety of topics they cover and discover how the resource can be applied or incorporated into their roles.”

The free resource can be accessed on the IWCF website here.