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July 2018

IWCF launches global crew resource management digital initiative

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A new training initiative to help prevent oil and gas incidents by focusing on human behaviours has been launched free to industry by the International Well Control Forum (IWCF).

Experts in human factors and strategic leadership developed the online training course with IWCF, the independent, not-for-profit organisation which sets international training standards for well control.

Research findings for the creation of the Well Operations Crew Resource Management (WOCRM) awareness course show that better understanding of leadership, situational awareness and decision making can reduce the impact of human factors on major well incidents, such as Macondo.

The pioneering move by IWCF means that for the first time ever well operations crews can boost their knowledge of non-technical skills, including communication and teamwork, using one internationally available resource.

Course participants will also learn how to look out for warning signs of stress and fatigue in themselves and colleagues, which can affect performance in potentially dangerous work environments.

Antony Quin, Chief Executive Officer, IWCF, said: “Major incidents make everyone in industry sit up and take notice. Macondo was a prime example and strong prevention measures have been implemented since. Blowouts have continued at a high rate since the 2010 incident, so more needs to be done.

“The launch of this free awareness training means well control crews working anywhere in the world will have consistent, expert guided knowledge. We’re urging widespread uptake through our network of training centres and look forward to feedback.”

Dr Rhona Flin, a professor of industrial psychology, who has researched human performance in high risk industries, contributed to the course, she said: “This is a valuable resource for the industry as we know that non-technical skills are key for maintaining safety and efficiency in well operations. This training package helps to build a basic understanding of these skills and explains why they are so important.

“It’s vital that workers at all levels have the confidence to speak up about safety and increased knowledge can empower them to do so when they consider risk levels to be unacceptable.”

Well operations crews can access the free course online and complete the modules in their own time. Those with a pass mark of 70% or above receive an electronic certificate.

IWCF has offered the WOCRM to its 280 accredited training centres worldwide as an additional resource for candidates, following the success of the Level-1 Well Control Awareness Course, which has so far attracted 34,000 people.

Candidates with questions about the course can visit or contact for support.

Update to Well Intervention Pressure Control Level 2, 3 and 4 Syllabi

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IWCF are pleased to release the updated Well Intervention Pressure Control syllabi.

We have created this revised syllabus using guidance from a variety of sources, including our stakeholders, candidates, and Well Intervention Pressure Control Taskforce.

Together with the enhancements listed below, this revised syllabus aims to meet the principles outlined in IOGP Report 476 Recommendations for enhancements to well control training, examination and certification (August 2016) as a minimum.

The main enhancements contained within this revision provide:

  • An improved structure that avoids duplication of topics in different syllabus components
  • In-depth learning outcomes to cover previously identified gaps in candidate knowledge
  • Defined progression between the levels, which ensures learning outcomes are now role-specific
  • An increased emphasis on well integrity assurance during the well life cycle with reference to ISO 16530-1:2017 Petroleum and natural gas industries — Well integrity — Part 1: Life cycle governance
  • An improved focus on the common principles of Pressure Control Equipment (PCE), which is now consolidated within the Completion Operations component.

All primary centres that deliver Well Intervention Pressure Control training courses must resubmit updated course materials to reflect the changes to the syllabi, and all training centres must teach the new syllabi from 1st April 2019.

The Programme Accreditation Application and Cross Reference Forms must be completed and returned with the course materials. These are available to download from the Members Login Area.

You can view the new syllabi on the website here. If you have any questions, please contact us.