IWCF launches new online system for well control training

The International Well Control Forum (IWCF), the independent organisation that sets international well control standards, has launched a new online administration system called “FORUM” which will change the way well control training is managed.

FORUM meets the changing needs of the industry and will make the well control training process easier for both centres and candidates.

The simplified online scheduling process replaces the previous paper based system and provides significant efficiency benefits to the centres. It means that once a centre has scheduled a course, they can allocate places to candidates online instead of completing more paperwork.

A second phase of the project will be to introduce online exams which will be available to centres next year. IWCF will continue to offer traditional paper exams, depending on a centre’s preference.

To receive a place on a course, candidates need to complete a one-off registration on FORUM which creates a profile for them on the system. This will also give candidates the benefit of being able to view their IWCF qualification history in one place and the ability to request replacement certificates.

Antony Quin, General Manager of IWCF said: “Giving candidates an online profile makes the registration process easier and also enables them – as well as employers and potential employers - to verify their qualifications as all new certificates and wallet cards include a QR code which can be scanned to check with the online system.

“This is a positive step for well control training, enhancing the systems and the way training is managed helps ensure that it is delivered in a robust and consistent manner.”

IWCF staff will be able to approve courses, view centre details to show what courses they are accredited for and the qualifications for assessors, invigilators and instructors. They can see at a glance what courses are being scheduled and coming up in any week.


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