FORUM is now live and we have rolled out the new system to all our training centres. 

The FORUM presentation is now available for you to view and can be downloaded here.

The FAQ guide will help answer any questions you may have and can be downloaded here.

If you have any further questions please email 



What benefits does FORUM offer?

FORUM provides a secure online portal which will offers significant benefits to the end users. These include:

  • Allowing courses, assessments and exams to be scheduled online replacing the requirement for paper based forms such as test nomination forms, registration forms and CPIFs
  • Increased flexibility and enhanced reporting capabilities for training centres
  • Opportunity to deliver online exams with instant marking and instant resits for eligible candidates (available during 2016) - please note: online exams will be a value added offering rather than a mandatory replacement for paper exams
  • Training centres that currently have to wait for exams to be marked will be able to issue temporary certificates to successful candidates on the same day as the test when they have taken their exam online
  • Registered candidates can view their IWCF training and qualification records
  • IWCF certificates which feature enhanced security features can now be verified online 

If you have any questions please email

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