Virtual Practical Assessments

A number of candidates have attended virtual training since it was introduced as an alternative training solution in early 2020.

Virtual theory and practical assessments are now available to help candidates who have been unable to attend a centre to complete their assessments. This will be offered on a short-term basis as a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following on from ‘Information Notice 2020-08 – Virtual Assessments’ which outlined the eligibility criteria, we have provided you with the guidance documents below to assist with the implementation of virtual practical assessments.

  1. Virtual Practical Assessments Assessor Handbook Addendum
  2. Virtual Simulator Model Checklist.

Please also view our practical assessments video which is designed to help assessors by offering some further guidance when implementing virtual practical assessments.

Our teams are available to support you with these new assessment options. Please contact if you have any questions about virtual assessments.