Crew Resource Management


IWCF has launched a new behavioural training standard aimed at reducing problem areas in well control safety relating to human performance factors.

In response to the International Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) guidelines in reports 501 and 502, the Crew Resource Management (CRM) course has been designed to improve core performance non-technical skills and encourage a change in attitude by raising awareness of the critical role of human factors in well control operations.

The CRM course aims to create a unique environment in which wells personnel can practice dealing with simulated well control situations in a highly interactive way. Participants are given tools that improve the sharing of information in teams and optimise their decision making skills. Individuals also become more skilled in collaboration as a group while supervisors enhance their operational leadership abilities and situational awareness.

The course is focused on the individual worker within a team setting, as ‘portable team skills’ are needed for whatever crew they find themselves in. The emphasis is on the candidates taking responsibility for their actions within the operation, and during the course they are encouraged to identify the early signs and warning indicators that reflect a decline in their own and others use of interpersonal skills. The course enables them to identify when their behaviour or actions may be interfere with effective team working.

CRM courses can be combined with Enhanced and Specialist well control courses. For more information on CRM and Enhanced courses please get in touch.