Gulf Reservoir Modeling Technology

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802 Kamala Tower, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Gulf Reservoir Modelling Technology (ResModTec), launched in 2002, is an international, full service upstream and downstream petroleum consulting , training and recruitment firm, based in Abu Dhabi with five branches / training centers in Istanbul, Algeria, Iraq (Basra and Kut), Malaysia and Houston.

We offer Upstream and Downstream training  solutions using our vast experience in most international oil companies. We also offer Soft-skills, HSE and IT training courses.

Our training and technology transfer solution include a set of integrated workshops, vocational and hands-on training programs as well as a set of short training courses. In addition to the consulting and training services, we also lead geological field trips as well as helping operating Oil and Gas companies in the Middle East and North Africa regions for recruiting technical staff.