Entreprise Nationale des Travauz Aux Puits (ENTP)

Contact Information
BP 206/207, Base Du 20 Aout 1955, Zone Industruelle Hassi Messaoud, Hassi Messaoud, Ouargla Province 30500, Algeria
Detailed Information
After nearly 50 years of existence, ENTP is now internationally renowned. It has managed to impose its know-how, and its position as an essential contactor for oil drilling in Algeria. ENTP is Sonatrach’s drilling subsidiary par excellence. It draws its roots from the DTP Department of Petroleum Works created in 1968, which in 1981 became, after the restructuring of Sonatrach, the National Company for Wells Works.
In fact, ENTP has always had the capacity and the dynamism necessary to provide itself with the assets which allow it such ease and mastery in the yet very complex field of oil drilling, because it has always been able to keep up with upgrades. , of the technological renewals and advances required by the very heterogeneous and constantly evolving reality of oil drilling across the globe.
The ENTP is currently exploring the Algerian subsoil with 67 drilling and work-over devices, Indeed, the mastery of drilling underground layers is no longer a great mystery, how much even does it fall under complex sciences knowledge of the dark layers of the earth’s subsoil.
ENTP is essential expertise:
      • In oil drilling and Work-over since 1968.
      • In horizontal drilling since 1996.
      • In short radius drilling since 2002.
      • And in unbalanced drilling since 2003.
Since its inception to date, ENTP has achieved:
      • More than 2,700 oil wells and more than 4,300 Work-Over operations.
      • Internationally, our company has drilled 30 wells: 3 in Tanzania, 16 in the Sultanate of Oman and 11 in Libya.