Enterprise Risk Management Solutions Pty Ltd

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Level 1, 28 Greenhill Road, Wayville, South Australia 5034, Australia
Detailed Information

Enterprise Risk Management Solutions (erms) is a management consulting business specialising in governance, risk and safety management within higher risk industries. Since 2005 erms has supported the endeavours of some of Australia’s largest and smallest organisations in managing risks associated with operations in major hazard facilities and high hazard environments.

We assist our clients by;

  • enhancing their understanding of governance and risk management principles;
  • increasing their knowledge and skills for managing their responsibilities;
  • developing the systems to support effective governance and risk management;
  • strengthening the organisational resilience by which they can withstand and recover from a range of possible shocks and events; and
  • testing, monitoring, assuring, and reporting on the adequacy of risk control measures.

Although we are a small organisation we often hear from our customers that we possess at least the equivalent technical expertise of larger and multinational firms, we often have more specific subject matter knowledge, that we are highly innovative, we talk less and listen more to make sure we understand and provide good advice, and we’re energised to deliver the highest quality services to our clients regardless of their size.

Headquartered in Adelaide, with offices in Brisbane and Perth, we support our clients throughout Australia and South East Asia.