Ecole Française de Forage

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7 Avenue du Vert Galant, Lescar, Nouvelle-Aquitaine 64230, France
Detailed Information

EFF is situated in the historical and strategic cradle of the French oil industry in Lescar in the southwest of France.

For the past 40 years, our center has prided itself in the training of personnel of all rig positions, from beginners such as floorman to drilling supervisors. In collaboration with major players in the oil industry, we have set up specific short and long-term training programs combining theory, practice and on-site experience.

Our programs are built according to the needs and constraints of each company, and comply with international standards.

We provide exceptional technical resources, such as:

  • a 2-length device (IDECO H35) operating on a training well (930m),
  • the DrillSim 5000 and Cyber Chair simulators,
  • an exhibition center bringing together the equipment and materials necessary for drilling, etc.

Our center has been accredited by IWCF since 1993 and since then, we have constantly evolved to meet our clients’ needs.

At EFF, we believe that knowledge is the best wealth of modern companies, and this is why our goal is to train your teams today in order to build tomorrow together.