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Altus intervention 

Altus Intervention, owned by the Swedish private equity fund EQT, currently employs 1000 people globally with operations across 4 regions: UK & West Africa, Norway & Denmark, Americas and Middle East & Asia Pacifc.


Our heritage

The strength and success of our organisation today comes from our proud and long-established track record. For almost 40 years we have held an unrivalled reputation within the industry for our ability to deliver safe and value-adding solutions in some of the most challenging operational environments worldwide.

Critical to this success has been a sustained programme to invest and develop our people and equipment. We have a highly-skilled workforce whose in-depth knowledge and experience are vital to delivering a slick and efficient operation.



Academy of Well Intervention

ALTUS’ Academy of Well Intervention is located at Forus; the heart of Norway’s petroleum industry. The centre consists of complete testing and training facilities needed to get as close to real offshore conditions as possible. While offering practical and theoretical training in today’s and tomorrow’s well intervention techniques, the facilities also enable ALTUS Intervention and our clients to test the performance of well intervention equipment; in existing and in new applications.


Human error is recorded as the leading cause of HSE incidents. Intensive, realistic training situations provide the best opportunity to improve HSE performance and employees’ judgement in critical situations. As HSE performance is top priority for ALTUS Intervention and our customers, we have made HSE training a focus area in the academy. All theoretical and practical training includes HSE procedures and best practice review as an integrated part of the course.The Academy of Well Intervention offers courses on a range of well intervention, HSE and certificate based topics.


Well Control Training

In cooperation with Maersk Training  we offer IWCF certification for both Well Intervention and Rotary Drilling. ALTUS have delivered IWCF courses for almost 30 year and Pressure control training sins 1980.


We offer a full range and level of IWCF corses:

  • IWCF Well Intervention Combined
  • IWCF Well Intervention Wireline
  • IWCF Well Intervention Coiled Tubing
  • IWCF Well Intervention Snubbing
  • IWCF Rotary Drilling Well Control