Level 5

Level 5

IWCF are now inviting enquiries and concepts to be submitted for the well control Level 5 programme.

IWCF will not be issuing a detailed syllabus for Level 5 and instead are encouraging industry stakeholders to collaborate with training providers to develop and deliver detailed course content suitable and relevant to well engineers which as a minimum meets the requirements of IOGP 476 August 2016 revision.

Click here to download the Level 5 Programme Guidance document.. For further guidance or to request the application forms please contact accreditation@iwcf.org


The Level 5 programme is aimed at experienced and knowledgeable candidates who play a critical role in well design and the approval of well designs. The programme must recognise the impact that design, planning and programming of well operations can have on well integrity assurance throughout the life cycle of the well.

Key engineering and technical authority positions in drilling or well intervention operations who already hold a Level 4 certification are strongly encouraged to attend a Level 5 course.

The course should contain information and updates on recent loss of well control and well integrity events with particular focus on what new knowledge has been gained.


The Level 5 course must be a minimum of 32 hours duration including classroom training, practical simulation exercises and case studies but excluding the written assessment.

As per IOGP 476 recommendations, the course should be a one discipline specific training course for well operations i.e. drilling and well intervention disciplines are encouraged to actively participate together in a single Level 5 training programme.

IWCF recommends that Level 5 candidates attend suitable repeat training and assessment every 5 years as a means of demonstrating continual well integrity assurance in well design and operations.