Republican Unitary Enterprise Production Association Belorusneft

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9 Rahačoŭskaja Street , Homieĺ, Homieĺskaja voblasć , Belarus
Detailed Information

Belorusneft is a state-owned vertically integrated petroleum company. It is a top performer of the fuel and energy complex of the Republic of Belarus.

Belorusneft incorporated itself as an upstream business unit, downstream subsidiaries and an agricultural side-business.

In 2012 our company got an official status of a scientific organization.

Our basic activities are as follows: Geological exploration; Oil and gas production; Raw material processing and power generation; Oilfield services; Science and engineering; Selling petroleum products through our brand network of filling stations and bulk plants.

Oil we produce is processed at the refineries of our country (OJSC Mozyr refinery & OJSC Naftan) and then exported, while the associated gas is processed at Belorusneft own Belarusian gas-processing plant – the only one in Belarus.

Belorusneft sells its products in Belarus and abroad. Our domestic brand network has over 570 filling stations.

Belorusneft has over 40 subdivisions engaged in oilfield services, engineering, design, gas processing, and petroleum product sales in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Ecuador, and Poland.

Belorusneft takes part in international projects for oil production, seismic exploration, oilfield services and engineering.

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