Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Download our formula sheets, kill sheets and other study materials below to help you prepare for your assessments at any level.

Kill Sheets - Surface BOP Stack Operations

Kill Sheets - Subsea BOP Stack Operations

Weak Signals Video and Scripts

The Weak Signals video is intended to be used during a rig-based safety meeting for personnel involved in managing Wells Process Safety. It is intended to be used to facilitate discussions, relevant to both the individuals, the team and the rig.

The video has 6 different scenes and includes voices of key individuals involved with controlling process safety. After each scene there are some questions which can be discussed by the audience, so the instructor can stop the video after each scene to facilitate the discussion. The facilitators guide is available to download here.

It is suggested that drilling contractors, service providers and operator personnel use this resource. Group size is expected to be around 10-12 people, but you may want to break into smaller groups for the discussion.

The video last 17 minutes without discussion. The total time of the exercise including the video and discussion is approximately 1 hour.