IWCF forum system

In line with our commitment to progressive Well Control training, IWCF is introducing a new online administration and examination system called FORUM.

FORUM aims to make the whole training and assessment process more efficient, responsive and user friendly for training providers and candidates. Some of the benefits of the new system are:

  • Ability to schedule training and assessments online
  • Ability to deliver both online and paper exams
  • Shorter lead times for scheduling courses allowing increased flexibility
  • Instant resits available to eligible candidates
  • Temporary certificates can be issued at the Training Centre
  • Verification of certificates online
  • Candidates can locate training centres online
  • Candidates can view their results and track certification online

A rollout programme including training and information on how to use the system will be implemented over the next few months and the new system will become fully operational during 2015.

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