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Regional Information Sessions began in Mumbai, India a couple of weeks ago and have since progressed through Asia and the Middle East and finishing in North America and Europe in the coming weeks. These sessions are to raise awareness of the introduction of, FORUM, our new online administration system and to ensure assist centre staff in having a smooth and easy transition when the new system launches.

Photo: FORUM Information Session at PTTCO in Bangkok

The sessions have been providing us with some very useful feedback which will help us during the development of the testing phase.


Photo: FORUM Information Session, PTTCO in Bangkok.

Online webinar sessions will be available towards the end of June for anyone who has not been able to attend a Regional Information Session. Dates and times for these will be distributed shortly so you can register for a session in advance.

System testing is on-going with FORUM due to go live in August which will significantly improve our course and exam scheduling processes.

Work is also progressing on the next phase to deliver online exams towards the end of 2015 and further training will be available to invigilators and centres on how to adapt to this change.

Although this exciting new initiative will offer the functionality and associated benefits of delivering online exams, we will still offer our members the choice of paper or online exam delivery.

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