Training Centres generate a temporary certificate (valid for 90 days) which is issued to candidates upon successful completion of the examination. Candidates will need to achieve 70% or more in all the components they have been nominated for, in order to receive a temporary certificate.

IWCF will issue the full original certificates within 90 days from the examination date providing that all the required documentation has been submitted by the accredited centre.

Level 2 certificates are valid for 5 years and Level 3 or 4 certificates are valid for 2 years.

Anniversary Dating

If a candidate with a current IWCF certificate attends an IWCF accredited centre during the 90 days preceding the expiry date on their current certificate, and is successful in their re-qualification programme, the issue date for their new certificate will be the date following the expiry date of their current certificate. This is providing that the re-qualification is in the same programme and at the same level as the current certificate.

Please see the below table for information on the old levels and the new OGP Levels (equivalents).

Anniversary Dating — Old Levels (Equivalent)Anniversary Dating — New Levels (OGP)
Rotary Drilling Surface Driller (IAWC) Surface Level 3
Rotary Drilling Surface Supervisor (IAWC) Surface Level 4
Rotary Drilling Combined Surface and Subsea Driller (IAWC) Subsea Level 3
Rotary Drilling Combined Surface and Subsea Supervisor (IAWC) Subsea Level 4
Introductory Surface Surface Level 2
Introductory Combined Surface and Subsea Subsea Level 2
Well Intervention Level 1 Well Intervention Level 3
Well Intervention Level 2 Well Intervention Level 4
N/A Well Intervention Level 2 (new)

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