Introduction of Online Assessments


Online assessments for well control training within our global accredited centres is now available for Drilling and Well Intervention Pressure Control assessments.

The online assessments are linked with FORUM and offer enhanced security features to candidates sitting online assessments, as well as the centres providing them.

What does this mean for you?

Accredited Centres

 Accredited centres who adopt online assessements will:

  • experience increased flexibility 
  • save money as online assessments will involve no courier costs 
  • be more environmentally friendly, with less paper used and a reduced carbon footprint
  • have their entry on the Locations Map on the IWCF website updated to advertise online capabilities to candidates
  • offer instant monitoring of IWCF data and provide detailed real time reports

Next Steps for Centres:

Online Accreditation Requirements for holding online assessments have been sent to all Centres. If you have any questions about becoming Accredited for Online Assessments please contact our Accreditation team directly.


Candidates will see a range of benefits when sitting online assessments including:

  • Instant results at the end of the assessment
  • Instant resits
  • No waiting time for Invigilator marking or check marking at IWCF
  • Certificates will be issued within much quicker timeframes

Next Steps for Candidates:

Our Locations Map displays which centres are currently accredited to hold online assessments. Here you can view where your nearest centre is that offers online assessments.

If you have any questions about online assessments please let us know.


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