Q: How do you accredit your training facility?

A: To become accredited you must become a member of IWCF by completing the membership form. Once you are a member you have to complete the accreditation application pack. The application pack is available to download from the members only section of the IWCF website. The application will require supplementary evidence such as physical resources, management resources, staff resources and course materials to be submitted.

Q: What is the difference between Primary and Associate centres?

A: The primary centre is the main centre for any organisation, usually but not necessarily the business address. This will be a permanent facility with secure storage for records. The instructors, assessors and simulators will be registered to the primary centre. The initial course at a primary centre will be audited by IWCF.

The associate centre (previously called secondary or temporary centres) is a subsidiary of the primary centre. It should be a permanent facility and can utilise the instructors, assessors and simulators registered to the primary centre. Associate centres can be subject to audit by IWCF.

As the primary centre is in control of associate centres, the primary centre accreditation may be at risk if any associate centres are found to be in non-compliance.

Q: How do primary centres add an associate centre?

A: The process for accrediting an associate centre is the same as for a primary centre. Where there is a commonality between the primary and associate centres (e.g. course materials and staff) duplication in the submittal is not necessary.

The number of associate centres may be limited by the number of simulators available (applicable to Drilling Level 3 and Level 4 only).

Q: Do accredited centres have to re-apply after a certain period of time for accreditation?

A: Once your application has been fully approved, centres are granted 12 months accreditation. Centres will then complete an annual renewal to continue their accreditation. 

Only one renewal fee will be charged regardless of the number of associate centres linked to the primary. 

Q. Are there any fees applicable to accrediting a centre?


Initial primary centre accreditation*: £2,500 / €3,000 / $3,750  This price includes all administration costs. An audit is required for all Primary Centre accreditations. 

Accreditation for a new associate centre: £1,500 / €1,800 / $2,250.

Upgrade (associate to primary): £1,000 / €1,200 / $1,500.

Administration fee**: £200 / €240 / $300.


Annual renewal fees 

Primary centre: £995 

Associate centre: £495***

 *Fifty percent of the primary centre accreditation fee is payable on application and is non-refundable.

**The administration fee will be charged when a centre makes a change to their accreditation. This will include but is not limited to, change of location, change of name or where a primary centre with an existing associate centre applies to have a new associate centre accredited.

***Only one associate centre renewal fee will apply regardless of the number of associate centres linked to the primary centre. For excample if a primary centre has 3 associate centres, they will only pay one associate centre renewal fee. 

Other fees may apply. Please contact accreditation@iwcf.org for full information. 

Q. How long will it take to review application?

A: The accreditation team will require at least 20 working days to review applications. Please note processing times may vary depending on the volume of applications submitted.

Q:  I plan to open a new primary centre in 2019, when will my first renewal take palce?

A: If a new primary centre is approved in 2019 between January and September, they will renew in January 2020. If a primary centre is approved from October to December, they will renew in 2021. 

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