Centre audits

Centre Audits are conducted as part of the accreditation process. All new centres are required to be audited (usually when the first course is scheduled) in order to gain full approval to become an IWCF accredited centre.

Accredited centres maintain their status through an audit every four years which is carried out in partnership with IWCF. 

Centre audits cover the following criteria and will be based around the information the centre has provided as part of its accreditation application or renewal:

  • Physical resources
  • Management systems
  • Training materials
  • Classroom Observation (if course running at time of audit)
  • Practical Assessments (if course running at time of audit)
  • Exam Observation (if course/resits running at time of audit)

IWCF aim to provide assistance and guidance to centres in order to make the audit process a positive experience. The audit is a robust check of the above criteria which is essential in order to maintain the standards required.  To date the process has proved to be very effective in the identification and confirmation of areas which require review or action by centres.

The main areas of concern are management systems and the practical assessments, in particular the standard of some assessors. This area is being addressed with the introduction of IWCF’s Assessor Training for all new assessors as well as those who have been identified as in need of further training.

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