Assessor training

Developed after recommendations from IOGP Report 476, the IWCF Assessor Training course is a five day course designed to equip assessors with the knowledge and understanding required to conduct practical assessments to IWCF standards.

The course is designed to ensure Assessors are competent and confident in their ability to assess practical assessments and ensure all candidates receive a consistently high global standard of assessment.

The course is mandatory for all new practical Assessors as part of their accreditation.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Set up an IWCF approved simulator to run an IWCF Practical Assessment
  • Conduct Practical Assessments to the current IWCF standards
  • Perform the role of the Level 3 or Level 4 candidate as required for an IWCF Practical Assessment
  • Complete the documentation associated with IWCF Practical Assessments
  • Understand the components of an IWCF approved well control simulator
  • Program an IWCF approved simulator with a well that meets IWCF requirements


“This course is a must!”
“Instructor demonstrated high skill in his role as an instructor, very well explained”


Course dates

Dates of Assessor courses for 2018 are: 

18th - 22nd June – Colombia
25th - 29th June – USA
15th - 19th July – Dubai
22nd - 26th July – Dubai
6th - 10th August – IWCF, Montrose
26th - 30th August – Egypt
3rd - 7th September – India
8th - 12th October – IWCF, Montrose
26th - 30th November – IWCF, Montrose

Assessor course dates and locations are subject to change. Please contact if you are interested in any of the above courses. 



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