The role of the practical assessor is to evaluate candidate’s performance during the IWCF practical assessment by grading each candidate against a set IWCF criteria.

To be accredited as a practical assessor, applicants must:

  • have the relevant technical knowledge
  • have achieved the standard of IWCF certification for the programme they are applying to assess
  • have completed a training programme in the procedures, documentation and methodology of the IWCF practical assessment
  • have completed a training programme in the operation of each simulator model used at the applicant’s assessment centre
  • be able to programme each simulator to create an exercise that meets current IWCF well design rules
  • demonstrate their ability to carry out practical assessments according to the IWCF practical assessment procedure

It is mandatory for all new practical assessors to attend the IWCF Assessor training course. This is a five day course which is designed to equip practical assessors with the knowledge and understanding required to conduct practical assessments to IWCF standards; ensuring a consistent global standard of assessment.

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