Historical Background and Structure

How IWCF Formed

In 1982 the European Union Directorate committee representing the National Energy Ministries, Industry Trade Associations and Trade Unions formed to create common standards in well control training and certification in Europe. They recommended that a standard training syllabus was introduced alongside a certification programme for drilling personnel in order to ensure safe working practices and wellbeing.

After review, the industry created a Forum in order to manage and develop the assessment and certification programmes. This led to the European Well Control Forum (EWCF) being created and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in The Hague, The Netherlands on the 1st of December 1992.

With continual growth both nationally and internationally in 1994 it was agreed to rename the organisation the International Well Control Forum in order to reflect the true geographical scope of the programme.

Programme Development

Following on from the recommendations from IOGP in October 2012, IWCF has developed a new programme of training with new syllabi introduced across both Drilling and Well Intervention programmes. These have been split over five levels in line with IOGP recommendations in Report 476 to ensure that all employees are equipped with the necessary skills required for a range of roles in the oil and gas industry, from office based staff to supervisor level.


IWCF Board Structure

An International Board of Trustees consisting of elected members from Regional Branches agree the policy and procedures for the management of IWCF.

An international office under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer implements Board policy and manages the day-to-day activities of IWCF.

Click here to download a list of our Board of Trustees.

Branch Structure

Seven European countries founded the IWCF in 1992. Each of these countries, through their National Branches, provided two members for the International Board from December 1992 to September 2001.

In March 2000 the Board agreed to review the composition of the International Board in order to extend the representation to IWCF members worldwide. The changes to the IWCF constitution to enable the extension of Board representation were officially implemented in September 2001.

The composition of the new IWCF International Board is one voting member from each of the seven founder countries and one voting member from seven new Regional Branches to be established as and when members in those regions choose to form regional branches.

Each Branch may elect two members, one Chairman (voting member) and a Vice Chairman. Each Regional Chairman attends the IWCF Board meetings which take place three times a year. 

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